Smart Growth

Smart Growth is Sustainable Growth

We need growth that respects our rich history and saves historical landmarks as well as our older neighborhoods. Sustainable growth gives Round Rock a sense of place that attracts visitors and new residents, fosters pride in our hometown, and improves our quality of life.

Sustainable growth better preserves our parks and wildspace for those who play on a sports team and those who do not. There should be fields for free play and more trails for walking, running, and cycling. In addition, we must ensure an ample, sustainable, and clean water supply.

Our downtown should consist of a diverse mixture of venues that make Round Rock a better, safer, and more enjoyable place to live. We should welcome and incentivize small, locally owned businesses and restaurants that contribute to our economy, our uniqueness, and provide an attractive mix for residents and visitors. In addition, we should build a new performing arts space for our Round Rock Symphony, Choir, and community groups as well as for world-class entertainers and shows.

Traffic & Mobility

Our city has tripled in size in just twenty-five years. Many people move here for affordable living, yet pay a high price in time spent waiting in traffic. Connectivity in and between neighborhoods will better enable walking and cycling, help ease traffic burdens and keep our air cleaner.

In 2013 bonds were passed to connect trails from Round Rock to Cedar Park, but those paths have still not been finished. Meanwhile, cities that have completed their streets with sidewalks and bike lanes are safer and see economic benefit. We also need to explore and implement viable public transportation options. Improving connectivity and mobility will ease our traffic burden, lessen the pollution index, and increase transit choices.


We need a city government that works for everyone. City Hall should be open and transparent. Participating in our city government should be easier and less intimidating. More information about the workings of city government should be easily accessible online. Online information and communications should promote transparency by focusing on the user experience and making materials readily available in one place.

Council members should host regularly scheduled Town Halls to inform the public and take questions about local government activity. Proactive community engagement improves transparency, increases accountability, and fosters civic involvement.